Elected Officials



Barangay Captain
Hon. Dr. Apolinario A. Alzona

Barangay Councilors:
Hon. Ramon G. Garcia Jr.
Hon. Peter Lawrence V. Artisen
Hon. Lorna F. Marfil
Hon. Herbert M. Samaniego
Hon. Celestino C. Vergara
Hon. Miguel S. Reyes
Hon. Fernandito L. Perez

SK Chairwoman
Coleene Allea A. Reyes

SK Councilors
Celine D. Basto
Janine Elizabeth V. Castillo
Allan B. Roxas II
Jemirah S. De Mesa
John Petterson M. Sotto
John Kenneth C. Layacan
Jeremy M. Escueta


A Barangay, formerly referred to as barrio. Although it is the smallest Administrative Division in the Philippines it has purpose. The word barangay is formerly known as balangay. Balangay is a kind of boat used by a group of Austronesian peoples when they migrated to Philippines. Now that the power was bestowed to them by the local citizen,  officials must surely follow their Mission, Vision and Values.